Buildings and facilities related to the sanitary scope.


Planning and masterplanning
• master planning and multidisciplinary general studies of the context
• design of the urban plan modification

Design phase

• Investigations, surveys and analysis

• Alternatives analysis and operational guidelines

• Pre-feasibility studies

• analysis of costs and benefits of alternative solutions

• Verification of urban compatibility


Project phase

• Conceptual Design

• Pre-feasibility studies

• Interior design

• Design of parks and green areas

• Preliminary design and final of buildings and structures

• Documentation and assistance funding practices

• Specifications, draft contract, contract clauses, list prices, estimates

• Documentation for bids and tenders


Phase of construction supervision

• Construction supervision

• Measures, accounting, assistance

• Construction planning "as built"






- Preliminary Design, University Faculty of Medicine, Ospedale Sant'Anna di Ferrara (Ferrara, Italia)

- Masterplanning of IRCCS, Ospedale Psichiatrico (Rovigo, Italia)

- Static and dynamic verification, Villa Spada (Verona, Italia)

- Verification services, Istituto Oncologico Veneto (Padova, Italia)

- Verification services, Ospedale Sant'Antonio (Padova, Italia)

- Verification services, Medicina Sportiva Ospedale Colli (Padova, Italia)

- Verification services, Sanitary District of Abano Terme (Padova, Italia)

- Verification services, Sanitary House of Saccisica (Padova, Italia)

Alessio ​Pipinato & Partners Architectural Engineering S.r.l.
​Via Minadois - 45100 Rovigo | Corso Umberto I - 35122 Padova - Italia​

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