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Included in this category are technical services for the development of design studies, structural evaluations, and urban planning solutions, together with R&D-research and development studies:



• Ideation, implementation and supervision of R&D projects at national, european and international level

• Operative services for the implementation of WPs of research projects in the framework of the built environment, of construcions and of environmental studies

• Operative support to private firms and public bodies for the implementation of R&D projects

• Evaluation and peer review of R&D projects


Techinical services for the judicial bodies



Feasibility studies

• Ideation design and support to private and public bodies for the development of preliminary studies to demoinstrate the economical feasibility of buildings and infrastructures



• Static

• Tecnic-Administrative

• Functional


Construction site safety

• During the design phase

• During the construction phase


Construction supervision

• Construction general supervision, operative supervision

• Assistance to public bodies and private firm




- European project PROLIFE RFCS (European Commission)

- CTP and CTU for italian judicial bodies

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