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Included in this category are all services dedicated to the ideation, design and construction of structural parts of buildings, included those of the architectural heritage.


Design phase

• Investigations, surveys and analysis

• NDT and MDT testing plan and realization

• Alternatives analysis and operational guidelines

• Pre-feasibility studies

• analysis of costs and benefits of alternative solutions

• Verification of urban compatibility


Project phase

• Conceptual Design

• Static, seismic, fatigue design of structures

• Preliminary design and final of buildings and structures


• Documentation and assistance funding practices

• Specifications, draft contract, contract clauses, list prices, estimates

• Documentation for bids and tenders


Phase of construction supervision

• Construction supervision

• Measures, accounting, assistance

• Construction planning "as built"



​- Definitive design of an arch road bridge over the Po river (Veneto, Italia)

- Final design of the steel structures of the NDIA Airport (Doha, Quatar)

- Definitive design of a railway bridge over the Po river (Veneto, Italia)

- Preliminary, definitive and final design of an observation tower (Veneto, Italia)

- Preliminary, definitive and final design of a strategic national infrastructure (Rimini, Italia)

- Restoration of the Palazzo Dolci Dalla Torre (di Andrea Palladio) and Cinema Teatro Corallo (Verona, Italia)

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