​- Definitive design of an arch road bridge over the Po river (Veneto, Italia)

- Final design of the steel structures of the NDIA Airport (Doha, Quatar)

- Definitive design of a railway bridge over the Po river (Veneto, Italia)

- Preliminary, definitive and final design of an observation tower (Veneto, Italia)

- Preliminary, definitive and final design of a strategic national infrastructure (Rimini, Italia)

- Restoration of the Palazzo Dolci Dalla Torre (di Andrea Palladio) and Cinema Teatro Corallo (Verona, Italia)


Included in this category are all services dedicated to the ideation, design and construction of structural parts of buildings, included those of the architectural heritage.


Design phase

• Investigations, surveys and analysis

• NDT and MDT testing plan and realization

• Alternatives analysis and operational guidelines

• Pre-feasibility studies

• analysis of costs and benefits of alternative solutions

• Verification of urban compatibility


Project phase

• Conceptual Design

• Static, seismic, fatigue design of structures

• Preliminary design and final of buildings and structures


• Documentation and assistance funding practices

• Specifications, draft contract, contract clauses, list prices, estimates

• Documentation for bids and tenders


Phase of construction supervision

• Construction supervision

• Measures, accounting, assistance

• Construction planning "as built"