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Included in this are all planning instruments at regional, provincial, and municipal levels, but also studies of territorial, environmental and landscape interest.


Urban Planning and Environmental studies

• Master planning and urban studies at urban or regional scale

• Landscape Plans • Spatial Planning (PAT and PATI)

• Interventions Plan (PI)

• Variations of existing planning tools

• Landscape analysis

• Town Planning (PUA - development agreement, detailed, recovery, etc.).

• Data processing and information GIS


Project and construction management

• Technical assistance to the authority

• Control of completeness and adequacy of the design

• Assistance to the contracting authority for obtaining permits, authorizations and approvals

• Support during the contracting and suppliers search

• Administrative and technical advice

• Evaluation, monitoring and supervision of projects and programs

• Assistance for start-up and construction management






- Design of ten urban context for the development of an urban transformation society - STU (Veneto, Italia)

- Urban masterplan for the realization of the sport city and a new stadium  (Vicenza, Italia)

- Preliminary studies for the new high speed railway station  (Vicenza, Italia)

- Strategic regional project for the urban regeneration of railway industrial site (Veneto, Italia)

- Urban planning for the hospital city (Padova, Italia)

- Urban planning for a private district (Padova, Italia)

- Urban masterplan studies for the port regeneration (Rotterdam, Olanda)

- Environmental studies for the VAS study and the VINCA procedure for a regional strategic plan (Veneto, Italia)

- Modification of the urban rules PAT/PRG for the realization of a strategic regional plan (Veneto, Italia)

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