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AP&P S.r.l. has been founded by Alessio Pipinato, engineer, architect, PhD.


Alessio Pipinato has performed structural, architectural and construction management services in the field of infrastructure, historical building and modern architecture.


Member of the Order of Engineers of Rovigo, n.936 from 2004.


Member of the board of technical inspectors of the Veneto Region - Regional Law 07.16.1976, n. 30 and regional law 08/16/1984 n. 42 - for the categories of Professional Competence n. 1 "Building works" and n. 3 "Road Works and Mobility".


Alessio Pipinato has carried out educational activities, study and research in the field of Structural Engineering discipline (SSD ICAR09) at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua for over ten years, and has been contract Professor in the courses of

- Structural Engineering

- Theory and Design of Bridges

He has also been didactic coordinator, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Padua, in the Master of Infrastructural Design and he has taught at International Master SAHC- Structural Restoration of Historical Monuments and Buildings, in addition to differents graduate courses at the University of Padua.


He is author of over two hundred scientific publications and eleven books, among which the text "Innovative Bridge Design Handbook", published by Elsevier.


He has carried out experimental research activities at the Laboratory Tests on Building Materials, University of Padova and Trento.


He is Associate Editor of the ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering from 2016.

Has taught for the NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the context of "Bridge engineering" courses.

Expert Member of the National Techinical Commission of UNI CT/21-"Structural Engineering" from 2016 and of Special Group "Bridges", "Exising Structure", "Steel Structure".

FOIV Member from 2017 for the Development Plan of the Marghera port.

National Associate of the "Fondazione Nazionale Inarcassa".

AP&P Srl is an engineering company, active in the field of architecture and civil engineering , in the public and private sector, at the international and national level. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach and the integration of services it is the ideal technical partner able to provide a wide variety of specialized services with innovation and qualification. The society has a wide range of clients, collaborating also with prestigious companies and qualified bodies, as the European Commission - Directorate General for Research, Autostrade per l’Italia Spa, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, David Chipperfield Architects , Organization of the Dolomites National Park.


The society in the field of bridge, infrastructure, and building design. The design practice is based on the belief that it is essential the contemporary conception of the structural and architectural design, in order to achieve the best work construction.

The commitment is to combine design, experimentation and research, both formal and structural, to answer to complex programs also on a regional scale.

The firm has designed public, residential, commercial, office and industrial buildings, as well as infrastructure, bridges, viaducts and public spaces, and has participated in national and international competitions, also by invitation, and in pool with other firms.

Some projects have been awarded or mentioned, nationally or internationally.

The society has achieved the management system certification ISO 9001: 2015.

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